Thursday, June 08, 2006


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This is just a sketch for the variant cover of the Invincible #10 (not the american version, of course but for the one published in Serbia and Montenegro). I'm doing a lot of hommages lately so this one goes to my favorite champion and inventor of super-hero comics - Jack "King" Kirby. I really tried to incorporate all his trademarks in this drawing. The crackling energy, unleashed rage... Kirby drew comics straight from his gut. He was crude and raw but also honest, inspiring and indestructible. Hail to the KING, baby!!!


Phillip said...

That looks great! The only trademark missing is that weird "shiny/metallic" effect he used. (For some reason, that chromey stuff kinda freaked me out as a child.)

Bob said...

Thanks. :) The metallic thing is the only Kirby trademark that I never quite got the hand of. :)))